1996 – Present

Geek Squad/Best Buy

From its humble beginnings with Agent Robert Stephens covering his rounds by bicycle through its acquistion and operations as part of Best Buy, the Geek Squad hosted its website infrastructure and many other services with LLC.

Year relationship


End Users

Originally a simple HTML presence on the ‘worldwide interwebs’, hosted with (Dan Cummings’ previous ISP), the Geek Squad hosting infrastructure grew to a high availabily, fully redundant, service powerhouse.  Systems designed and operated by LLC included fully redundant firewalls, load balancers, network switches, Google search appliances, Akamai CDN, NetApp storage appliances, CMS platforms, Microsoft IIS and SQL platforms and various purpose built Linux web and database systems.  Working with several Best Buy suppliers and web development partners over the years, LLC remained the consistent presence for over 20 years.  We designed and faciliated secure workflows for development, staging, user-acceptance-testing, and regular production releases.  We integrated remote support tools, service contract lookups and validations, complex search catalogs and algorithms with multiple domestic and international partners.  As Geek Squad expanded overseas, LLC added additional site instances and worked with international teams managing their own unique workflows and release schedules.  Based on the success of the secure, reliable, and scalable hosting infrastructure, LLC designed and deployed expanded hosting for several internal service platforms for Best Buy including RMA systems, Geek Squad City repair tracking and diagnostic systems, Best Buy local store pages, Best Buy Mobile lookup utilities, and many more.  As business needs continued to grow and change, Geek Squad fully integrated into Best Buy’s business operations. LLC worked with Best Buy internal IT to smoothly migrate systems to consolidated corporate environments and monitor systems and search engine redirects for the next year after transition.  Our relationship continues to this day in charitable support of Best Buy’s Geek Squad Academy, providing an opportunity for students to develop tech skills, build self-confidence, spark creativity, and discover how technology can benefit them in their educational pursuits and in future careers.

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High availability, fully redundant, secure dedicated 3-tier hosting infrastructure including servers, search engines, network, firewalls, load balancers, content distribution networks, and more


Workflows for development, staging, user acceptance testing, and production release schedules with multiple domestic and international teams


Creative, responsive, and rapid deployments of new and expanded systems resulting in 20+ year tenure providing infrastructure-as-a-service

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